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Arches, vaults, and domes are some of the earliest structural elements capable of spanning great heights and distances, creating space, shelter, and a uniquely beautiful form.  A springpoint is the location from which these forms begin to rise off of their solid supports; into and over space.


At Springpoint Structural, we endeavor to use a deep and growing knowledge of the history of structures to elevate every project we work on, from historic preservation and adaptive reuse to unique and innovative new structures.  We work at the intersection of past and present - where the past becomes the present - with the hope that we can be the springing point to elevate the built environment, and the people and communities it impacts, across broad challenges and to greater heights.

SPRINGPOINT is a Virginia SWaM and Micro business. 

Meet our team here!

WHERE IS SPRINGpoint STructural?

  • We are based in Charlottesville, Virginia with a focus throughout the state and the ability to easily reach the mid-Atlantic.

  • We are currently licensed in Virginia, Maryland, the District of Columbia, and California, with NCEES Record for prompt licensure in other states.

  • Besides both coasts of the United States, our staff team has worked on projects in Guatemala, Haiti, Iceland, and the Caribbean. SPRINGPOINT hopes to add to this list in the years to come!

why SPRINGpoint?

Springpoint exists to foster a unique approach to structural engineering that has been developed over our career in and around the construction industry.  With significant experience in structural design as well as stints in construction planning and management, The team at Springpoint seeks to deliver creative structural solutions that meet the needs of the wide variety of perspectives involved in a project.

Beyond structural engineering rigor, we hope that our work and attitude can be described as:

  • Creative

  • Enthusiastic

  • Innovative

  • Personal

  • Committed